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The History of D & S Tow, Inc.


 In July of 1991 D & S Tow, Inc. bought our first tow truck.  That slide bed truck was used to help service our then wrecking yard.  We quickly grew into our current fleet of over 30 late model car carriers, wrecker tow trucks and service trucks.  In November 2013 we became the primary AAA provider in the Carson City, NV territory to further our service to the community!  In February 2017, D & S Tow again expanded to the Truckee, CA AAA territory!

With over 35 years in the automotive industry, running an auto body shop, a wrecking yard, an insurance salvage pool, an auction company and a used auto dealership, we have found that ultimately we had one thing to sell. . . OUR SERVICE!

We have seen many changes to our industry over the years, however one thing will always remain the same here at D & S Tow, Inc. . .

Anyone can drive a tow truck; however, not everyone can extend our motto for business.  D&S Tow practices an old fashioned way of business  ….  with a smile and a handshake! 

You can depend on D & S Tow to treat your vehicle and your time . . .        as a valuable asset.

                                                                                                       Meet Our Management Team

                                                               Kimberly Henderson             Robert Nieri                  Dave  Walters
                                                    Lead Dispatcher              General Manager          VP of Operations

                                                                                  Susan Zinser 

1953 - 2009
Forever in our hearts! 
See ya in the morning



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